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Program of Performances

Please check the venue map for the location of the event.
*The event will be changed or cancelled due to the various circumstances such as, bad weather.

Daikagura/Ishiguro Sanpei ・ Yonpei

■Oct.21 (Sat.)  11:00~, 14:00~
Traditional Japanese performance.
A funny acrobatic show that Sanpei and Yonpei Ishiguro is unique to parent and child. Spin plates, tops, anything on the umbrellas.
It’s a show full of laughter that makes you happy just by watching it.


Kendama/Ito Yusuke

■Oct.22 (Sun.)  11:00~, 14:00~
I began to play Kendama at the age of seven and became a disciple of a Kendama school. I have won the nationwide Kendama Championship ten times in Japan and set two Guinness world records. After graduating from university, I became professional Kendama performer. Now, I hold Kendama show and the Kendama school of about 200 times a year. And I performed the Kendama public performance by America, Brazil, Britain, Denmark, Russia etc.


■October 21(Sat.)October 22(Sun.)
Light meal will be served. Sales will end when sold out.

Other Events on the Same Day

Machinaka Concert Music Program TOKYO

■October 21 (Sat.) October 22 (Sun.) 
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October 21 (Sat.)
October 22 (Sun.)

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