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Program of Performances

Please check the venue map for the location of the event.
*The event will be changed or cancelled due to the various circumstances such as, bad weather.

Daikagura/Senmaru & Yuki

■Oct.14 (Sat.) 11:00~, 14:00~
What is “Daikagura”? Who are Senmaru & Yuki?
Senmaru & Yuki are performers of “Daikagura”. “Daikagura”, it is very difficult to explain it. Don’t worry. Don’t think. Feel! Reportedly, the original purpose of Daikagura was to serve as a talisman for the people, chasing away evil on behalf of Jingu (the grand Shintoism shrines). Thus, Daikagura was originally a very sacred and serious performance. Today, the performance is becoming people’s entertainment. Senmaru & Yuki wear “kimono” and perform Japanese traditional tricks. Don’t blink. It’s amazing!!!

Gagaku / Tado Gagaku

■Oct.14 (Sat.)  12:00~
■Oct.15 (Sun.) 12:00~
Gagaku is the oldest music and mai (dance) which has been handed down in Japan. Gagaku dance is a beautiful performing art that uses birds, butterflies, dragons, etc. as dancers and their voices as music to depict the appearance of the ancient paradise. Its origins lie in the world of Japanese mythological songs and dances. The system and design of the musical instruments and costumes that create the universe from nature and life have been handed down to the people of the imperial court, shrines and temples, in order to produce the ultimate beauty of music and dance.
■Tado Gagaku Official Website http://www.tadogagaku.com/


Kirigami art, umbrella spinning/Kotaro

■Oct.14 (Sat.)  13:00~, 15:00~
Daikagura is, so to speak, a traditional Japanese street performance. Originally, this program is a traditional Japanese performing art that is said to have been performed since ancient times as a sideshow to go around individual houses and wish for the happiness of the family. This time, please enjoy a performance using Japanese umbrella and paper crafts, which are popular among his Daikagura performances.
In junior high school, he became interested in Daikagura performances. He was fascinated by his fun when he first performed with handmade tools, and continued his original research until today. In 2011, he acquired Heaven artist license (An official street performance license from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government). Currently, he is active in street performance activities and various events in Tokyo with his handmade tools. He is also the representative of the Creative Japanese Umbrella Study Group.



■Oct.15 (Sun.)  11:00~, 14:00~
This is one of the Japanese traditional performances art from Edo-daikagura (The lion dance and The Japanese traditional juggling group). This performances are for celebration and believed to be a talisman in ancient Japan. It represents God and Shrines. This lion is instead of the God. In this dance, the lion walk around and bite your head. When the lion bite, it makes you happy and good luck!


Kirigami art/KIRIGAMIST Chiaki

■Oct.15 (Sun.)  13:00~, 15:00~
Kirigami (paper cutting) is one of the traditional Japanese vaudeville arts. A performer cuts a piece of paper with scissors into elaborate figures. It is often performed with music on a stage and excites the audience with its amazing speed and skill.


Traditional Culture Experience Program

Flower Arrangement(Ikebana)

Participants will experience flower arranging with the instructor. Participants will arrange flowers while looking at sample works. You can take home flowers after participating.
■October 14 (Sat.) October 15 (Sun.) 
Registration on the day.
(1)10:30~ (2)13:30~ (3)15:00~
■Reception Open 9:30~
Reception begins one hour before each session.
■Capacity 20 per session
■The time required at 1 hour
※English interpretation.


■October 14 (Sat.) October 15 (Sun.)
Light meal will be served. Sales will end when sold out.

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